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White Sage
White Sage
White Sage

White Sage

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Does your space feel clouded or congested?

You may need to purify your space by smudging it, burn White Sage throughout your entire house starting from the bottom level. Use as needed, once to twice a month.

White Sage is great to cleanse Crystals and Space from negative energy and much more!

  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Promote overall health
  • Used by Native Americans for thousands of years!
  • Known to purify air
  • Boosts mood and reduce stress
  • Used in healing ceremonies 
  • Improved quality of sleep 
  • Enhanced intuition 

We recommend using Palo Santo during or after burning White Sage to ensure you are only attracting/ inviting positive energy. 

White Sage is an essential herb for anyone wanting cleansed crystals and purified spaces!

Our White Sage is from the mountains of California


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