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Virgo Zodiac Set
Virgo Zodiac Set

Virgo Zodiac Set

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Are you a Virgo? if so then this combination set is perfect for you or anyone else that you know that is a Virgo!
 Moss Agate, Amethyst, Quartz, Garnet, Dragons Blood Jasper, and Fossil are the crystals that make up this wonderful combo set!
Become the best version of yourself with this combination set!
  • Bring positive new beginnings into your life!
  • Refresh your soul allowing you to see the beauty of all things
  • Reduced sensitivity to environmental and weather pollutants
  • Improved self esteem and confidence
  • Accept what you cannot change allowing you to move onto what you can!
  • Relieve anxiety, balanced chakras, better sleep free from nightmares
  • Clear your mind of negativity and negative thought patterns
  • Master healing energy
  • Increase metabolism and libido 
  • Stimulate creativity, and motivation leading you to achieving your goals!
  • Heal repressed emotional damage
  • Grounding and aiding in stability
All of the crystals in this combination set are ethically sourced!

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