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Taurus Zodiac Set
Taurus Zodiac Set

Taurus Zodiac Set

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Are you a Taurus? if so then this combination set is perfect for you or anyone else that you know that is a Taurus!
Zebra Stone, Carnelian, Red Jasper, Rhodonite, Kyanite, and Selenite are the crystals that make up this wonderful combo set!
Become the best version of yourself with this combination set!
  • Pull scattered energies to work where their most needed
  •  Restore motivation and vitality bringing stability to your life!
  • Encourage positive life choices 
  • Improved sexuality and passion
  • Overcome previous abuse leading to feelings of freedom!
  • Relieve emotions of Anxiety, Frustration, and Anger
  • Boost stamina, creativity, self-trust, and confidence
  • Protection
  • Stimulate, clear and activate your heart!
  • Balance yin-yang energy
  • Calming energy that instills deep peace
All of the crystals in this combination set are ethically sourced!

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