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Relieve Grief Combination Set
Relieve Grief Combination Set

Relieve Grief Combination Set

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Lost a loved one? This is a great set to help cope with the passing of someone close to you.

Includes: Apache Tear, Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Aquamarine, & Rainbow Moonstone. 

  • Apache Tear will protect you from negative energy and aid in emotional healing
  • Smoky Quartz will help you let go of tension, anxiety, resentment and help you let go of negative emotions
  • Rose Quartz will bring more love and happiness into your life
  • Rhodonite relieves feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Aquamarine helps you move forward by accepting the past and bringing a positive new perspective to past situations
  • Rainbow Moonstone promotes calm, balanced, and harmonized emotions

All Crystals in this set were ethically sourced and mined.

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