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Pisces Zodiac Set
Pisces Zodiac Set

Pisces Zodiac Set

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Are you an Pisces? if so then this combination set is perfect for you or anyone else that you know that is an Pisces!
Apatite, Aquamarine, Quartz, Fluorite, Turquoise, and Topaz are the crystals that make up this wonderful combo set!
Become the best version of yourself with this combination set!
  • Expand knowledge and truth
  • Eases sorrow, anger and apathy
  • Encourages formation of new cells (growth)
  • Heal emotional trauma
  • Cool high tempers and conflicts
  • Clears the mind, bringing Peace and Harmony
  • Speak what you truly mean without coming off rude or self centered 
  • Master healing energy
  • Balance all Chakras
  • Neutralizes Negative Energy and Stress
  • Increase self confidence and self realizations
  • Aid in adsorption of nutrients from the foods you eat
  • Align all Meridians in the body
  • Re-Charge and motivate!
All of the crystals in this combination set are ethically sourced!

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