Medium Crystal Heart Pendants

Medium Crystal Heart Pendants

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These HIGH QUALITY Crystal Heart Pendants are perfect for anyone! A gift to someone you love or to yourself!

When Crystals are in the form of a heart they add a attracting love energy and as well as helping with negative emotions!

Also increases fertility!

We have 6 different stones in these heart pendants chose the one that is right for you below!

  • Amethyst- Anxiety Relief! Positive outlook on life!
  • Rose Quartz- Promotes Self Love! Improves Relationships 
  • Clear Quartz- The Master Healer! Aligns and Balances your energies 
  • Citrine- Brings Positivity and Happiness! Also brings Abundance! 
  • Flourite- Brings order to your life and thoughts! Opens your heart up!
  • Snowflake Obsidian- A stone pf purity! Helps with Balance in your life! Also Empowers meditation! Gets rid of negative thinking!
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