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Heart Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp

Heart Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp

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This Heart is beautiful!! 

A very unique Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp with vibrant colors, size is medium.

Perfect for your room or as a gift for someone room!

Salt Lamps are very powerful and useful.

Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps

Air Purification/ Eases Asthma-

Pink Himalayan Salt attracts water vapor the lamp also traps indoor air pollutants like bacteria, allergens, and even mold. 

Helps reduce airborne infections altogether.

Himalayan Salt is used in inhalers to bring relief to asthma and allergy sufferers.

Reduces Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation- (EMF Protection)

When Pink Himalayan Salt is heated up from the light bulb inside it releases negative charged ions into the area around, emf releases positive charged ions (meaning the ions have electromagnetic energy attached to them) These negative charged ions help balance out the EMF Radiation in your house/ room!

Mood Booster/ Sleep Promoted/ Good Vibes

The warm pinkish-orangish glow from this lamp will help calm you before bed, the beautiful glow from this lamp helps set Good Vibes throughout the room!

Aaa+ Grade High Quality






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