Crystal Egg's
Crystal Egg's
Crystal Egg's
Crystal Egg's
Crystal Egg's
Crystal Egg's
Crystal Egg's
Crystal Egg's
Crystal Egg's

Crystal Egg's

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Our Egg's are made from High Quality Crystals.

When Crystals are shaped into egg's they represent growth on all levels.

Personal transformation, new beginnings & renewal of positive energies.

Quartz Properties:

  • The Master Healer
  • Amplifies all other Crystals energy
  • Balances and harmonized Energy, Amplifies Energy & Intentions 

Rose Quartz Properties:

  • Attracts and creates Love on all levels!
  • Great for Manifestation & Healing.
  • Resonates with all Chakras (Cleanse's all Chakras)

Lepidolite Properties:

  • Aids Stress and Brings Emotional Healing.  A soothing calming crystal that will help you if you are feeling anxious, stressed or depressed.
  • contains lithium and it has a positive vibration that stimulates positive coincidence or synchronicity.
Dragons Blood Jasper:
  • Emotional Joy
  • Brings Vitality, Provides Strength, Courage and purpose to difficult situations.

Yellow Calcite Properties:

  • Solar Plexus 
  • Clears old energy patterns
  • Hope & Self Confidence!

Obsidian Properties:

  • Cleanse physical smog away from your aura.
  •  Powerful Physic Protection
  • Shield all negativity 

Amazonite Properties:

  • Heal Emotional Issues
  • Filter stress away from your life
  • Sooth Energy at home or work!

Aragonite Properties:

  • Increase Energy, boost self confidence, and self worth!
  • Brings patience to a situation when needed
  • Great for tense relationships
Very Beautiful & High Quality Crystal egg's, perfect to add to your collection!

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