Crystal Beginner Starter Kit

Crystal Beginner Starter Kit

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This starter kit has all the necessities a person just getting into crystals will need!

In this kit you will find 

  1. High Quality Natural Amethyst Crystal- Amethyst is amazing for anxiety relief! 
  2. Raw Natural Citrine- Citrine brings hapiness and abundance 
  3. Raw Rose Quartz- Rose Quartz helps with self love and boosts relationships 
  4. Clear Quartz- THE master healer! Helps Balance and energize your energy 
  5. Smoky Quartz- Acts as your guardian angel and protects against negative energy 
  6. Bundle of sage- Sage clears all the negative energy in the space you burn it! Using sage to cleanse your crystals is one of the best ways to cleanse them! To cleanse using sage, 1. Start by burning the sage! Next bring out your crystal you are cleansing, blow the sage directly on the crystal and say out loud or in your mind " You are now cleansed of all negative energy that you have absorbed or came in contact with you" now it is cleansed but you are not done! 2. You need to set intent into your crystal for the crystal to help you in the way you want! Continue blowing sage on your crystal and say something along the lines of " Amethyst please bring a positive outlook to me in my life and help me release my anxiety from me" (using amethyst as a example) now you are done and the crystal is now cleansed of negative energy and is now yours! 

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