Aura Quartz Spheres (Angel, Tangerine & Aqua)

Aura Quartz Spheres (Angel, Tangerine & Aqua)

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Very High Quality Aura Quartz Spheres 

These are very powerful. Very unique/ rare inclusions throughout.

Sizes vary from small, medium & large. All spheres within size category are around the same size/ weight. Small-8.5-14 Grams, Medium- 15-25 Grams, Large- 26-41 Grams. 

 Very unique! Very powerful! Perfect to amplify your entire collection.

Aura Quartz Properties:

Regular Quartz with Gold heated in a vacuum to 1600* F. The Gold vaporizes and bonds to the Quartz, resulting in something truly powerful! This is the insight crystal, the stone that will create emotional connections you can truly feel. Meditation sessions are enhanced/ amplified. (Hold in hand) Helps guide you towards new horizons! Heals all Chakras with proper intention.

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