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Amethyst Pendulum
Amethyst Pendulum
Amethyst Pendulum

Amethyst Pendulum

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Amethyst pendulum with 7 chakra chain.
If you've ever needed a question answered or even help finding a lost item?
A pendulum would be very beneficial to have in your life. Here are more of the astonishing benefits of our pendulums.
  • Seek answers to certain questions by picking on subtle vibrations
  • Get in tune with your subconscious
  • Balance and clear your mind  
  • Helps with anxiety and depression
  • Point you in the direction of a lost object 
  • Our ancestors search for water, gold, gems, and other valuable items
Our Amethyst is ethically sourced and mined in Brazil.
Improve your life today with this amethyst pendulum!
Chakra: Third Eye and Crown, 7th and 6th.

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